Church of the Nativity is about building relationships and creating a greater sense of community.

It's our mission to encourage people to participate and engage life in the manner befitting God's vision with His purpose leading the way.


Central Diocese of the Polish National Catholic Church
New York/New Jersey Seniorate
Polish Nation Catholic Church Information
St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr Cathedral

JOIN US EVERY Saturday for Mass at 5pm.


Parish Celabrate its 35th Anniversary on October 8th. .... Entertainment, company and food were great, a good time was had by all. See page pictures.  35th Anniversary pictures


We have a campaign for a new roof. For more details click on link.....

Go Fund Me - Church of the Nativity


Lighting of Avent Wreath Schedule:

  • Dec 2nd - Imhof family
  • Dec 9th - Sommerhalter Family
  • Dec 16th - Quinland Family
  • Dec 23rd - Lucarelli Family